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From Legoland to flower fields to golf courses to pristine beaches, Carlsbad is known for its beautiful outdoor activities. With year-round great weather and plenty of sunshine, it’s no secret that Carlsbad is a great place to enjoy the outside. That’s what makes it an extremely appealing area for homeowners interested in adding solar panels to their property. Homeowners in Carlsbad can save on their monthly electrical expenses, become more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, and add value to their property by going solar.

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There is no denying that purchasing a solar system for your home is an investment. The good news? It’s an investment that has proven extremely profitable for homeowners over the last few years. Studies show that returns can range from 10% to more than 30%, with the average homeowner seeing returns of 20% after paying off their system in around 8 years.

This can be especially true in areas with higher energy costs — which Carlsbad falls into. In fact, Carlsbad’s electricity rate is more than 6% higher than the average in California and nearly 38% higher than the rest of the nation! Don’t waste anymore money on expensive, overly priced electricity when you can start saving with solar today.

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Ready to Go Solar American Style in Carlsbad?

When it comes to solar, no two companies are alike. There are some companies who prefer to serve customers across the country and build massive networks to cover as much space as possible. Some companies don’t value the quality of work over the price of the job while other companies opt for the cheapest products available to keep costs down while keeping their customers uninformed.

That’s why you need to go solar American style with Semper Solaris. We are proud to be a local and veteran-owned company. While we serve customers across Southern and Northern California, we have handled thousands of projects over the years and know our local permitting processes and codes. We help our customers take full advantage of any incentives or rebates available to them based off their local options. Many of our employees are former military members, which means we have a military ethos, valuing integrity, respect, work ethic, and quality of craftsmanship. When you are a customer of Semper Solaris, you can have peace of mind knowing we’ll keep the process simple and easy to understand and truly care about the people we work with and serve. American designed products and affordable prices backed by expert service — what more could you ask for?

Don’t just take it from us. At the end of the day, we know our customer reviews speak for themselves.

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Quality Roof Replacement Services in Carlsbad

If you are excited about your design to go solar, make sure you don’t overlook one important area — your roof. This part of your property provides crucial security, stability, and protection for your home and your solar investment. That is why it is crucial that you have your roof inspected to determine the age, remaining lifespan, and suitability for solar panels. In some cases, it may be time for a roof upgrade.

By installing a new roof, you can ensure your solar panels will be secure on top of your house and help make your entire home much more energy-efficient. A newer roof will help reduce wasted energy and poor insulation, maximizing your green energy investment and allowing you greater peace of mind.

Make sure you go solar the right way by replacing your roof before adding any solar panels to your home. Our Carlsbad solar contractors can help you determine if roof replacement is necessary for your home!

Boost Your Solar System with Battery Storage in Carlsbad

Have a solar panel system installed on your home already? Interested in expanding your solar system beyond just the average? Consider adding solar battery storage like Tesla Powerwall to optimize your panel production! You can produce a significant amount of solar power energy in Carlsbad when you have the right size system installed. Even still, the average homeowner won’t likely have enough production during low periods (or nighttime) to provide for all their electrical needs. While you’ll get credits for peak production surpluses to help cover the times you have to draw from the local grid, it can still end up costing you more money of out pocket if Time-of-Use rates continue to spike for solar system owners.

Having solar battery storage in Carlsbad allows you to:

  • Be prepared for any emergency power outages
  • Capitalize on more of your solar panel production
  • Minimize or even eliminate your grid dependence at times
  • Save more on solar energy
  • Further, reduce your carbon footprint

Whether you already have a system installed and want to take your energy independence to the next level or just want to make sure you get the most out of your soon-to-be-installed solar panels, investing in a solar battery for storage is a great option.

Act Now & Get the 30% Tax Credit

Adding solar panels in Carlsbad can seem like a great way to boost your property value and save on your monthly costs. When you consider all the incentives, rebates, and credits available out there, it can become even more appealing. Keep in mind, however, that the ITC — or Solar Investment Tax Credit — will only be available for a few more years. On top of that, the credit will be reduced for any projects installed or claimed after the end of 2019. That means if you want to claim the full 30%, dollar-for-dollar tax credit available (arguably the most beneficial credit available), you need to move quickly on going solar!

By 1/1/2020, the rate will be cut to 26% and by 1/2021, it will drop to 22% for anything installed before 1/1/2022, and after that no more claims will be accepted for the ITC. The credit technically expires on 12/31/2021, which means no system after that period will be eligible.

Alongside the 30% tax credit, there are many other incentives and rebates you can take advantage of. Semper Solaris can help you save on your solar installation, putting more money back in your pocket. Connect with us today to get more information on incentives available!

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