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Solar Panel installation, Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage, Heating and Air Conditioning, Roofing Services

Want The Grand Slam Of
Home Energy Independence?

Finally a contractor that does Solar Panel installation, Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage installation, Heating and Air Conditioning services, Roofing replacement Services

Combine your Solar + Battery system with a top-of-the-line
HVAC from Semper Solaris! And complete the entire
package with a
heat-reflective roof!

Semper will turn your home into an all in one integrated network. Make you home into one efficient, comfortable, and protected unit by combining solar power, battery storage, a power saving HVAC and a cool roof.
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Four Points Of
Energy Protection -

Powered by solar - both your home and your Heating + Air system will run on the abundant energy of the sun!

That Means You Control
Your Energy - No One Else!

Semper 360 Is The Pinnacle
Of Home Energy Protection!

Four different points of protection and the best part is - only one point of contact!

SEMPER! Never again will you have to worry about multiple contractors arguing over a hundred different details!

Just one, responsible, trustworthy, and reliable name -

Semper Solaris a Solar, Battery Storage, HVAC, and roofing company is at the tip of your fingers! Visit our page and request a free quote

Complete Home
Energy Protection

What Makes A Home “Unsafe?”

Your home might be perfectly fine as it is BUT Semper 360
can add that final layer of integrated protection.

Full self sufficient home with Solar panels, battery storage, cool roof technology, and high efficient HVAC system.

Are Your Prepared For..

How to prevent blackouts? How to get prepared for blackouts


grid strain

Grid Strain?

How to fight heatwaves? Be prepared with a high efficient HVAC system paired with solar + battery storage.

The Next Brutal

 A house with a worn roof is a house that needs a new roof or roof replacement

A Worn And
Sub-Optimal Roof?

When You Implement The All-In-One Energy
Protection System That Is Semper 360
These Worries
Become A Thing Of The Past!

How to lower electricity bills? Install high producing solar panels by semper solaris

Once installed, the Semper
360 network operates as a
money saving and home-
protecting shield.

How long do HVAC units last? The best HVAC units are built to last and come with a lifetime Warranty!

Our top-of-line HVAC units
are not only built to last, but
they also come with a
lifetime Warranty.

Heat reflective roofing with a 50 year warranty

Semper works with Owens
Corning to offer a platinum
50-year warranty on all Heat
Reflective Roofing!

Solar panels, roofing, and hvac units made in america!

Semper Solaris is also
proud to offer quality
products made right here
in America!

Bundle your services and save even more! Solar, Battery, Heating, air conditioning, and a heat reflective roof create a home energy integration that keeps everything running like a well oiled machine!

A Home Energy System That Runs Properly Is
More Efficient, Cost-Effective, And Safer Overall.

Best Solar Installation Company, Best Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage Installation company, Best Roofing Installation and Replacement Company

Covering All Your Home Energy Needs. Top To Bottom

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The 360 Breakdown


When going solar it is important to first consider your roof. Many low-tier solar companies will install generic panels on a faulty or aging roof and set the client up for disaster.
Semper Solaris will always assess the integrity of your roof and advice you on your best options.

Best roof to prevent heat? Best roof with a 50 year warranty, best roofing company

The Semper 360 Roof
The Last Roof You Will Ever Buy!

If you decide to go solar it is a good idea to upgrade your roof. This way you will never have to worry about any structural roofing issues when your panels are installed.

Semper Solaris is also one of only a select few solar contractors that have the ability to install a state-of-the-art solar system and a top-quality roof all at the same time! The difference between the average roofing options and the Semper 360 package is the Heat Reflective or “Cool” roof.

Standard asphalt roofs reflect less than 20% of direct sunlight! Get a Cool Roof and reflect on average 67% of direct sunlight!

A cool roof has the ability to reflect away sunlight that is not being absorbed by your solar panels.

This allows your home to keep a cool internal temperature and puts less stress on your A/C!

Saving you power and money while keeping you comfortable.

These durable and beautiful roofing options are also backed by an industry-leading 50-year Owens Corning Platinum warranty!

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A single solar panel generates about 2 kWh per day, which saves an average of $0.36 on daily electricity. Only $0.36!

Yes, but an entire solar system can save you closer to $150 a month or more!

And the Semper 360 package could erase that bill completely!

This makes it very important to make sure you are getting the correct amount of panels based on the size of your home and your energy consumption.

A 6 kWh solar system will generate somewhere between 720 kWh to 900 kWh per month and when you pair that system with a solar battery your home’s energy capacity grows even higher.

Tesla Powerwall for example has a continuous output capacity of 5kW and a storage capacity of 13.2kWh

Electricity bills in California have been rising rapidly with some as high as $250 to even $1000 a month! The entire Semper 360 package could eliminate that bill entirely and allow you to live completely energy-independent!

You can turn on your home appliances, keep the lights on, and charge your EV on completely carefree! SOLAR + BATTERY gives you the freedom to live life on your terms!

Self sufficient homes will have Solar panels and a battery storage

When paired with battery storage, solar turns the
average American home into a private power plant!

So Say Goodbye To The
Power Company
And Hello To
Living Fully Independent
And Off The Grid!

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Your hvac system that comes with a lifetime warranty

A modern and energy-efficient HVAC system from the Semper 360 package will keep you comfortable while significantly lowering your monthly energy bill!

Pair your high-tech HVAC system with solar + battery and roofing installation and take back control of your energy!

Allowing you to power your heating and air with the abundant energy of the sun!

Semper even offers a lifetime warranty on their HVAC units made right here in the USA!

Home Energy Protection Perfection - All In One!

The best solar installers installing solar panels
Semper solaris is the best solar contractor

Is A Company You Can Trust

The inspiration behind the company name is the Marine Corp motto “Semper Fidelis,” meaning always faithful.

We are always faithful to our country, our employees, our customers, and our nation’s veterans. That means you can put your faith in us to get the job done and give you the best experience possible.

Semper has over a decade of experience and an A rating with the BBB. We earned that rating by never sacrificing our values. Values we share with the united states military.

Values of integrity, loyalty, honor, and responsibility.

From our Co-founder and Co-owner Kelly Shawhan to our installation crews on the ground; those values run deep.

Best Solar company owner

“They are more than just our brand;
they are at the heart of everything we
do, which is why we strive to hire as
many veterans as possible. And at
Semper Solaris, we take our
connection to the nation’s military
both past and present very seriously”.
- Shawhan

The brave men and women of this country have sacrificed so much for our freedom that Semper’s founders, Shawhan and partner John Almond, felt a responsibility to ensure that sacrifice is properly honored.

That was the spark that started the Semper Cares Initiative, a program created to help deserving veterans and their families with FREE major home improvements.

Bundle Solar, Battery storage, hvac, and roofing

America’s #1 Solar + Battery Installer!


Helping Veterans One
System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.