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Are you a gamer? Do you want to share your opinions? Then you should write with us. If you’ve struggled to build a following online or to find a platform that meets your needs, then you should write with us. Not a gamer, but love to research topics and enjoy reasoned and rational writing? You should join us too.

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As digital natives, we were born and raised with gaming. When we write about gaming, we’re writing from years of experience and a passion for playing. This is Native Journalism. We have the inside scoop because we are the insiders.

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Be heard by an established, and rapidly growing, audience of more than three million readers who are interested in what you have to say.

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They’re professionals with extensive experience in journalism (and gaming). They know what they’re about, and they’re here to help you produce the best possible content.

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Everything you write goes into your Portfolio. Your Portfolio is your own personal space, displaying all of your GameSkinny writing. Anyone can see your Portfolio, and your writing, if they click on your profile. So share your Portfolio link on your Twitter, your Facebook, your LinkedIn -- wherever you’d like.

Our editorial team chooses the best content to be promoted to the full GameSkinny community (homepage, newsletters, social, etc.). If your content isn't selected for the homepage it is still eligible for our bounty program and still fully visible by our community.

What Type of Content?

Ultimately, you can write whatever you’d like! If you’re aiming for the most views, the most engagement, a dedicated fanbase and a coveted spot on the GameSkinny home page, here’s what has done well in the past:

  • News
  • Guides
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Top Lists or Listicles (best mods, best weapons, hardest bosses, etc.)
  • Reviews
  • Exploration of Gaming Topics and Culture (Gamergate, diversity in gaming, trends and hot topics)
  • Videos (trailers, walkthroughs, etc.)
7 thousand writers
3 million readers
1 million dollars in bounty planned
Lauren Puga
Writer at IGN, Designer at AdRoll

It’s a pretty great feeling to see something you’ve written published on GameSkinny. It’s an even better feeling when you are on the front page. You'll gain so many lucrative skills you wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Who knew my experience using Google Analytics and mastering SEO would land me a job in digital media.

Elijah Beahm
GS Contributor

Thank God for GameSkinny, because I couldn't have found a better place to help me improve my writing and get a new start. Contributing to GameSkinny was like a breath of fresh air. On most sites, you're either a full-fledged member of the staff, or at best, you can blog independently amongst the community.

The staff are all great at GameSkinny. I got a lot of helpful feedback from everyone, and I still love the approach GameSkinny has taken to games journalism. There's no other site where you can write up an idea and within the day, get free editorial feedback and helpful suggestions, and maybe even end up on the front page.

Meet Some of the Team

Stephen Johnston


GameSkinny is the evolution of Stephen's mission to provide platforms for people to share the things they love with the world. Stephen has been involved in web development, and building platforms for people to share their passions, for more than 20 years. Prior to founding Launch Media Network in 2013 Stephen grew Gamer Launch to 5 million users.