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Solar Panels in Mission Viejo serves both residents and the environment

Best Solar Panel Company in Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo is known for its perfect weather literally the entire year! With average high temps in the 80s during the summer months, there is no question why residents are beginning to install solar at a rapid pace. The sun is shining down on Mission Viejo for all twelve months of the year, allowing for a great investment in solar power. The time has never been better to get solar installed on your home. It will cause an instant increase in home value, because who isn’t looking for a house already using eco-friendly energy options?!

Power Prices Skyrocketing, Time for Solar

The price of power in Orange County is seeing no signs of slowing down and the only way to truly offset these costs is to invest in the number one renewable energy source…Solar! Solar can decrease your monthly power bills by great amounts, and some even see a complete elimination of their power bill. If this isn’t a big enough incentive to go solar, there are many tax write-offs and rebates offered by the state and federal government, allowing for more homeowners to afford solar. These write-offs and rebates can end up paying for more than half of total costs, plus the saving you’ll be racking up each month. These savings are through the roof! Most people tend to see a complete return on their investment in just a few short years.

Southern California Solar Frenzy

Orange County is one of the best places to use solar power, the sun never seems to leave and will provide power for years to come. The two closest neighbors to Orange County rank number one and number two in the nation, Los Angeles and San Diego are no stranger to the suns powers. Southern California is on a solar frenzy and it is never too late to join the wave.

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Semper Solaris is the answer in Mission Viejo

The solar market seems to be saturated with companies and products that swear to be the solution to any solar need. But not all solar companies should be considered equal. Semper Solaris stands out above the competition because of our ability to get the job done right all while keeping the customer happy. Let our reviews speak for themselves, but our experience in the Mission Viejo area stands out above the rest. We understand which boxes need to be checked off before proceeding with installation, such as homeowner association regulations and city permitting. Semper Solaris will get your job done right!

Our experts at Mission Viejo – Semper Solaris are able to answer any of your solar or roofing questions, from solar panels to solar battery storage, we will do our best to have you leaving confident in your decision to choose Semper Solaris.

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Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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