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Generate and store your power at no cost to you!

Finally, solar + battery storage installed and maintained at no cost to you!

With our new solar + battery program you'll have power resiliency and be protected against power loss from disasters like wildfires and heat waves. Lower your electricity bill and never worry about unpredictable rate increases from your utility company.

  • Complete Solar Power & Battery Storage System at Zero Upfront Cost
  • Only Pay For the Energy Your System Generates!
  • No Income or FICO Score Requirements, No Financing or Property Lien
  • Home Protection From Disasters and Other Power Outages
  • Reduce Your Electricity Costs
  • Warranty & No Maintenance Costs

Watch the video below:

Solar panels on single family home.

Generate your own electricity with solar panels

On our PPA program, solar panels lower your electricity bills while eliminating upfront costs. You pay only for the power you use, saving you money and reducing your environmental footprint.

  • No upfront installation costs
  • Immediate savings on electricity bills
  • Experience the peace of mind that comes with a professionally maintained and monitored solar system.
  • Join the solar revolution and be part of the sustainable energy movement.
Enphase 15-year limited warranty.

Gain energy security with home battery storage

Battery storage reduces your energy costs by storing excess energy generated during low-demand periods for use during peak times, saving you money and providing backup power when needed.

  • Protect your home from power outages and blackouts.
  • Store excess solar energy and use it when you need it most, day or night.
  • Be in control of your energy consumption and costs with a home battery.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, reducing your reliance on the grid and lowering energy bills. Plus you can get solar and battery storage at no cost to you! Reducing your electricity bill by up to half!

A PPA is a cost-effective option allowing you to go solar and add battery storage with no upfront expenses. You pay for the energy generated and stored at a fixed rate, often lower than standard utility rates.

With a solar and battery PPA, you enter into an agreement to lease the systems. The provider installs and maintains the equipment, and you pay for the power consumed, promoting savings and energy independence.

No, a PPA eliminates upfront costs. The solar and battery systems are installed at no charge, making renewable energy accessible without a substantial initial investment.

Enjoy the advantages of solar and battery storage without the financial burden. A PPA offers fixed energy rates, potential savings on utility bills, and the security of backup power during outages.

Yes, PPA providers typically cover maintenance costs throughout the agreement. This ensures the reliable performance of the solar and battery systems without additional expenses.

Contact Semper Solaris for a consultation. We will assess your energy needs, explain the terms, and guide you through the seamless process of going solar and adding battery storage with a PPA.