V Rising: How to Salvage

Salvaging in V Rising isn't rocket science, but you've got to unlock the workstation to do it first.

Seeing that an item is salvageable but not knowing how to salvage in V Rising can be a little annoying. Having old armor or other items you want to salvage for their raw materials and being unable to do so only makes the inventory crunch that much more frustrating.

It might be a while until you can salvage items in V Rising, depending on where you are progression-wise. Luckily it's not too deep into the game, but it is deep enough that those in their first few hours probably won't be able to put their best foot towards it for a bit.

How to Salvage in V Rising

In order to start salvaging items, you'll first need to unlock a particular workstation. Though calling it a workstation might be a little generous.

You need the Devourer to salvage items in V Rising, it being locked behind slaying a V Carrier boss like many of the game's unlocks.

The blueprints for the Devourer are held by Lidia the Chaos Archer. Lidia is a level 26 boss, and is prone to essentially wandering the map. Your best bet for hunting Lidia down, as with most V Carriers, is to just go to your Blood Altar and track her blood. With luck she won't be too far away, but she very well might.

Once you've slain Lidia the Chaos Archer and unlocked the Devourer blueprint, you'll need 12 Planks and six Copper Ingots to place it in your castle and get to work.

Limited inventory space can make the wait for the ability to salvage using the Devourer irksome, to say the least. It's entirely possible to kill Lidia well-under her own level, level 20 characters should be able to take her down with about the same amount of effort as slaying a level 20 V Carrier.

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Published May. 24th 2022

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