V Rising: How to Get a Roof for Your Castle

Put something over your head to keep the sun from burning you up. Here's how to get a roof in V Rising.

A roof you may need but a roof you won't necessarily get at the start of a playthrough of V Rising. Beginner vamps may find themselves frustrated at the innate lack of protection from the sun's rays.

The craftable Mist Barrier can blot out the sun in a small radius, but it takes up precious space in your ever-expanding castle's borders and requires Bones to function. Something more permanent would be far more preferable.

How to Get a Roof for Your Castle in V Rising

At the beginning of V Rising, you'll be stuck working with wooden Palisades. These function as rudimentary walls to protect your borders and only require Lumber to make, but they provide minimal protection. It is not possible to have a roof if you are using Palisades as your walls.

A roof requires Reinforced Walls, which come soon after unlocking Palisades in the main questline. Reinforced Walls require 10 Stone Brick and six Planks to build, making them a considerable investment compared to Palisades.

Once you have Reinforced Walls, you must also place flooring within your borders, enclosed by those Reinforced Walls. It's quite the task early on since crafting both the Stone Bricks and the Planks can be time-consuming. 

Once you've done it, though, a roof will appear over your castle walls, protecting you from the sun above. You can't necessarily see it, but you'll know based on whether your castle visibly darkens once you place the final piece of your castle's structure.

With that all done, you're finally safe from the sun's unrelenting rays and can maybe make some better use of that Mist Barrier you no longer need indoors. If you found this guide helpful, check out some of our other V Rising guides.

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Published May. 20th 2022

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