V Rising: Greater Blood Essence and Unsullied Hearts Guide

You initially need some Unsullied Hearts to craft Greater Blood Essence, but getting the hearts isn't easy. And it's not the only option.

Eventually you need Greater Blood Essence to continue progression in V Rising, but you'll never get it as a drop regardless of how many of your foes you slay. Instead, like more refined materials you end up needing, you must craft it from a base material.

It's most likely that once you first need Greater Blood Essence, there is only one base material to craft it. Another, easier option can be unlocked later on provided you're ready to take on the challenge.

How to Get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

You can craft Greater Blood Essence at a Blood Press, and the initial recipe requires 4 Unsullied Hearts. You may have gotten lucky and gotten a few stockpiled already, but it's likely you want more. A lot more.

Unsullied Hearts are a relatively rare drop, and players who haven't ventured too far north in Farbane Woods may find themselves having not gotten a single one.

The higher the enemy level, though, the higher the chance for Unsullied Heart drops. Players who have been primarily plowing through enemies level 20 and above or taking down V Blood carrier bosses should have some Unsullied Hearts on hand by the time they need Greater Essence, but probably not enough to craft many.

It appears enemies level 30 or above have a higher chance of dropping these hearts than lower, which does make sense considering V Rising's sense of progression. If you can take on level 30 or higher enemies well enough to farm them, do so to try your luck at getting Unsullied Hearts for your new crafting efforts.

Farming Unsullied Hearts to make Greater Blood Essence is just a bridge to the second, far more reliable recipe to craft the material using regular Blood Essence.

The second recipe to craft Greater Blood Essence is unlocked by slaying Tristan the Vampire Hunter, a level 46 V Carrier boss. It may be a while until you are strong enough to kill Tristan to get your hands on this huge time saver, but it will be worth it.

Do you farm Unsullied Hearts or wait it out? It's really up to you. This is just one of many choices and challenges you'll face as you keep pushing forward in V Rising. Check out our V Rising guides for more tips.

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Published May. 24th 2022

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