Stray: How to Scratch the Vinyl in the Club

Here's how to scratch the vinyl in the club and kickstart your mewsic career in Stray.

Stray has quite a few trophies and achievements that reward you for doing cat things, like meowing 100 times, nuzzling up against robots, and evening dying nine times. One challenge, however, is less straightforward and a bit more perplexing. It asks you to scratch the vinyl in the club during Chapter 10: Midtown. If you're here, you're like me and wondering how to do it. 

Scratch was one of the last trophies I got in Stray because I just couldn't figure out how to do it, despite playing Midtown several times to find all of B12's memories (which can also be a bit head-scratching). Here's what to do. You can use this link to skip down to the solution if you already know how to get to the club.

How to Get to the Club in Stray

To enter the club, you'll need to steal the battery from the Neco factory by helping Blazer get the worker jacket and construction helmet. Once you have the battery, return to Clementine's apartment, and solve the item puzzle she leaves behind, finding out that she's gone to the club. This makes it accessible from a back alley window.

Exit the apartment block, and take the alleyway immediately to your left, the one bathed in red light with the vehicle parked on the left side. Go straight to the end, and jump up on the verticle orange sign on the ground, just to the right of the Companion sitting on and hanging their feet over the metal awning.

Climb up the sign, and stay along the pipes that cross over the alleyway. Follow the pipes along the outside of the white-tiled building, and you'll see another Companion leaning out of a window as you walk around the pipe. Speak to them to enter the club. 

How to Get the Record to Scratch Vinyl

Once you enter the club, you'll see the bar to your left and the stage to your right. From the window entrance, go all the way to the other side of the club, past the bar and the stage.

You'll see a tall round pub table, with tables against the wall behind it; there are also TVs stacked against the wall on the left side and green leaf wall decor. Jump up to the tall round bar table to find a record (which is arguably harder to spot than all four notebooks in The Slums).

Now face the stage. Take the record up to the turntables, and place it on the left turntable. A prompt will appear, and you'll be able to scratch the record. 

Now that you know how to scratch the vinyl in the club, you have yet another Stray trophy and achievement to add to your collection. For more tips, check out our other Stray guides, like how to get all Badges and where to find all of the music sheets for Morusque

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Published Aug. 5th 2022

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