Sea of Thieves: Legend of the Veil Guide

The Legend of the Veil is a daring new adventure for only the most seasoned and skilled Pirates in the Sea of Thieves. We will break it down step by step in this guide.

The Legend of the Veil voyage in Sea of Thieves is suited to the most experienced and daring of swashbucklers. Players who have put in the time and effort to reach rank 50 in at least three different trading companies can take on this new quest that will test their mettle and tenacity.

Sea of Thieves: Legend of the Veil Guide 

The Legend of the Veil is a voyage exclusively for Pirate Legends. It can only be handed out by the Pirate Lord himself, located in the Athena’s Fortune Hideout, hidden below the Tavern in any outpost.

Buy the Legend of the Veil voyage from the Pirate Lord, place it on the table of your ship, and vote to get started. The Pirate Lord will speak to you, and provide you with a book outlining your first destination, and a mysterious mask called the Veil of the Ancients.

The Legend of the Veil is a three-part voyage. Your goal is to retrieve three ancient Veil Stones to place into the Veil of the Ancients. This will restore the mask's ability to break the barrier between the Sea of the Thieves, where the living dwell, and the Sea of the Damned, the land of the dead.

There is a random assortment of potential objectives for the first two parts of Legend of the Veil. Each time you collect one, return to your ship and the Pirate Lord will reveal the next chapter, and where to find the next stone.  

Types of Objectives in Legend of the Veil

There are three types of objectives that can be selected for the first two chapters of the Legend of the Veil voyage.  

Ancient Statue voyages in Legend of the Veil will send you to an island to find Belle. Once she has been located, she provides your crew with an Enchanted Lantern. Hold it up to illuminate a hidden statue, which in turn will create a pulse of light emanating from other statues across the island.

Follow the pulses of light to locate each statue. Once the final statue is lit a group of Phantoms will attack. A troop of spectral Ancients will help you fight them off. Defeat the Soulflame Captain, and the Veil Stone will be yours to continue Legend of the Veil.

Treasure maps in Legend of the Veil are slightly modified versions of the more conventional treasure hunting voyages. Your book will contain a location to find Sudds, who in turn will provide you with a map. Being able to know what island you are looking at from just a few landmarks is extremely helpful for this.  

There are a few varieties of this objective in Legend of the Veil, each with a slightly different twist:

  • Picture Maps – Sudds has drawn some landmarks that will be from a specific island that you need to visit, and a picture of a specific location, with a symbol drawn atop the buried treasure.
    • The picture tends to be a close-up view of one specific part of the island. Spread out your crew (if you have any) and search for a place where you can stand that matches the picture. Did under the symbols to find the Veil Stone. 

  • Close-up Maps – This is the most similar to a conventional treasure map, it’s just zoomed in and cropped close to the treasure. Pay attention to the contours of where beaches meet the water as your compare this map to the chart aboard your ship.
    • Once you find the island zoom in to match the map's view, and mark it. Now, sail to the island and dig at the spot. That’s one more stone on your ship.  

  • Liars map – This map will show you an Island with several drawing of symbols. All but one of these correspond to actual painted symbols on the island. Find each one, and when you locate one that does not match, dig. This will be where the Veil Stone is buried.  

Shipwreck Graveyards are the last potential objective of Legend of the Veil. Your book will describe an area of the Sea where some ships met an unfortunate fate. Make your way to that area, and look for a large cluster of wreckage.

There are several shipwrecks to explore. You are looking for two things: A particular ship, and a key. The ship is the Grim’s Fortune, which can be identified by the nameplate above the locked door to the captain's quarters. The key is somewhere amongst the wreckage of one of the ship wrecks in the area.

Explore each, and interact with objects like boxes, paintings, drawers, and containers to open them. Most will be empty, a few will contain treasure, and one will have the key to the Grim Fortune’s cabin, where the Veil Stone is held.

The Great Sea Fortress 

Clearing the first two chapters in the Legends of the Veil voyage will send you and your crew into the grand finale, a battle against a massive fortress protected by a swirling Green Tornado. This can be a long and taxing battle, so take the time to make sure you are well stocked and ready before heading to the massive green storm.

To complete this chapter of Legend of the Veil, you will need to expose the fortress within the tornado, and destroy it with well-placed cannon shots. The tornado is generated by three smaller fortresses, each guarded by a fleet of Phantom ships.

The ships spawn infinitely, so it’s best to focus on the building. Sail within range, and fire volleys of cannonballs to the upper area of the fortress. Only hits to the upper walls count, giving off a flash of green light as they do damage. Once enough punishment has been inflicted, the fortress will become exposed, and the nearby group of ships will disappear.  

Repeat this exercise two more times. Each defeated fortress will leave a few storage crates behind in the rubble, be sure to send someone to retrieve them if you are running low. Once all three smaller fortresses are gone and the Green Tornado dissipates, you can begin your assault in earnest on the larger central fortress.

The main fortress is much larger than the previous ones, and has many different areas that must be destroyed. In general, your target is any lighter colored parts, especially in the upper part.

As you circle the fortress it will be firing aggressively, as will the Phantom Ships. Keep on repairs, and focus your attack on the fortress. Once all the key areas are destroyed, the fortress will explode in a shower of ethereal debris. Sail to the remains to find an enormous pile of loot including a Chest of Legends and, most importantly, the final Veil Stone.

Put the Veil Stone in the Veil of the Ancients, hear the Pirate Lord’s Speech, and Legend of the Veil is complete.

Now that you’ve conquered Legend of the Veil, you may want to explore some of the other oddities of the Sea of Thieves, like the Legend of the Sunken Kingdom. Check out our other Sea of Thieves guides for more walkthroughs and tips.


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Published May. 3rd 2022

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