Sea of Thieves: How to Get The Barrel Disguise

The Barrell Disguise is one of the most useful emotes in Sea of Thieves. We will tell you how to add it to your pirates repertoire.

There's no better tool than the Barrel Disguise emote for stealthily absconding with goods off of other crews' ships in Sea of Thieves. Sure, you could approach another ship with cannon and guns blazing, running your blade through the other crew to steal their bounty. But why not have some more fun with it? We are going to show you what the Barrel Disguise emote does, and where to find it.

Sea of Thieves: How to Get The Barrel Disguise

Emotes are commonplace in modern multiplayer games. They routinely allow players to express themselves though actions pantomimed in games. Sea of Thieves is no different. Most emotes are informative, like pointing or gesturing in a direction, or funny, like a silly dance to amuse your crewmates. A small selection, however, have very specific in-game purposes.

The Barrel Disguise is one such emote. Equipping and activating this emote from your emote wheel will have your pirate look side to side, pull a full-sized barrel out of who knows where, and climb inside. It’s identical to the supply barrels you’ll find on island or aboard ships, and hides your nameplate from people outside of your crew. Watch out though, the disguise is always level to the ground, it won’t match the rocking of the ship or the slope of terrain, so choose your placement carefully.  

This is brilliantly useful for stowing away (or “tucking” as the Sea of Thieves community calls it) aboard another ship. Unobservant crews will seldom realize there’s an additional barrel in their cargo hold, allowing you to wait to snag your choice of loot, or spring a surprise aboard their vessel while your own ship comes charging in with a hail of cannon fire.

The Barrel Disguise is also great for setting up an ambush at an outpost when you know a crew is selling goods. Few things match the satisfaction of taking out another player just inches from a vendor, then selling the item yourself while they look on from beyond the grave.  

Not only is the Barrel Disguise emote useful, it’s also supremely easy to acquire. Visit Larinna at the Tavern of any Outpost. She runs the Black Market shop. The Barrel Disguise emote is for sale for a very reasonable 50 doubloons. Once you buy it make sure to equip it at a vanity chest. Then you can access it from your emote radial at any time.

The art of stealthing in a Barrel Disguise is an advanced tactic in Sea of Thieves. It can also be an ideal way to get the Stolen Secrets commendation. We've got help with tons of other topics in our Sea of Thieves guides.  


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Published May. 16th 2022

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