New Survival MMO Last Oasis Early Access Trailer Drops

Ready to switch from jungle dinos to sand worms and walking citadels? Survival MMO Last Oasis is due to enter Early Access early in 2020.

Burned out on ARK, SCUM, or one of the other dozen survival games on Steam and looking for your next obsession? The nomadic survival MMO Last Oasis is nearing release, and today the developers dropped a new trailer showing off giant sandworms and a whole lot more.

The goal in Last Oasis goal is to stay mobile in a parched, sun-scorched land where players must build walking mobile bases to survive. Those crawling bases serve both as combat platform and means of harvesting much-needed resources.

Due to launch in Early Access in Q1 2020, you can check out the Steam page over here, although Last Oasis isn't available to install yet. For now, fans can join the Discord community and wait for new keys to be released!

Looking for another survival game to fill the void in the meantime? Be sure to check out the fantasy excursion Outward, or take a look at our list of the most anticipated survival games of 2020.

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Published Jan. 15th 2020

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