Multiversus: How to Unlock Ranked

Ranked mode is not available to all players in Multiversus. Find out why and how to unlock it using our quick guide.

Ranked mode in Multiversus becomes available to all players on August 9, 2022, which is the official release date of the game. Players will have to unlock it if they haven't done so during the open beta period.

Our guide will provide you with tips on how to unlock Ranked in Multiversus.

Reach Level 20 on Your Account

Players who had the chance to play the game during the beta test have probably noticed that although there is a Ranked option in the Play menu, it isn't active just yet.

The developer has deactivated the ranked mode until the official release of the game. You will need to reach Level 20 on your account to be able to enter Ranked mode. Open beta players will probably keep their progress in the official release and will be able to play the Ranked mode immediately.

However, all new players that download Multiversus after August 9 will have to level up their account to Level 20. After that the Ranked mode option becomes active in the Play menu.

Here's what you can do to quickly level up your account:

  • Grind XP and levels in the "Co-op vs. AI" mode.
  • Double up your XP earnings by utilizing Rested XP mechanic.
  • Complete daily missions and seasonal milestones in the "Battle Pass" menu.

All three options will bring you closer to Level 20, which unlocks the Ranked mode for you.

Unfortunately, there are no official Ranked rules listed yet, but many expect it to have a reasonable match-making system with leaderboards and a possibility to change characters during ranked runs.

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Published Aug. 5th 2022

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