Multiversus: Best Perks for Offense, Defense, and Utility

Here are out choices for the best perks in offense, defense, and utility in Multiversus.

There are so many perks in Multiversus that you might have a hard time figuring out which ones to pick. The best perks come down to your playstyle to some degree, but there are certainly some that are better than the rest of the options.

Let's go over Multiversus' best perks for offense, defense, and utility separately, so you have a more solid idea of which characters to level to unlock them.

Multiversus: Best Perks for Offense

Snowball Effect

  • Unlock condition:
    • Arya Stark: Mastery Level 2.
    • Shaggy: Mastery Level 11.

This is an absolutely essential offensive perk, which can be highly effective on your weaker characters.

Snowball Effect deals 7% increased damage against the fighter with the highest damage in solo and 15% when stacked.

This means that your damage percentage must be lower than that of your opponent for this perk to work as intended.

Lumpy Space Punch

  • Unlock condition:
    • Jake the Dog: Mastery Level 2.
    • Shaggy: Mastery Level 2.

Here is the best perk for air melee attacks, which increases your damage by 5% in solo and 10% when stacked.

This is a perfect offensive perk for Jake the Dog, who relies heavily on side air attacks, which can get even more dangerous with Lumpy Space Punch.

Hit 'Em While They're Down

  • Unlock condition:
    • Batman: Mastery Level 7.
    • Reindog: Mastery Level 7.
    • Harley Quinn: Mastery Level 11.

There are several debuffs in Multiversus, such as ice or slowdown, but it's always better when you can follow up your debuff with a strong punch. That's where this perk comes in handy.

It increases damage dealt to debuffed enemies by 5% in solo and 10% when stacked. Batman players will love using this alongside Smoke Bomb that slows opponents down.

Multiversus: Best Perks for Defense

'Toon Elasticity

  • Unlock condition:
    • Jake the Dog: Mastery Level 4.

Restoring your grip and taking control over your character after getting ground or wall bounced is super important.

The 'Toon Elasticity perk reduces the velocity at which your characters bounce off by 20% in solo and 25% when stacked.

Use this perk on characters that use lots of air moves, and are generally highly mobile and light.

School Me Once...

  • Unlock condition:
    • Iron Giant: Mastery Level 7.
    • Taz: Mastery Level 11.
    • Tom & Jerry: Mastery Level 13.

Dodging a projectile, such as Batman's batarang or any other, can be a hard task even for the most experienced players.

That's why getting a protection against projectiles can be significant in Multiversus, even if it's only for 2 seconds in solo and 4 seconds when stacked, using this perk.

Absorb 'n' Go

  • Unlock condition:
    • Taz: Mastery Level 4.
    • Steven Universe: Mastery Level 12.

Here is the perk that every character needs in one way or another. It reduces cooldown times of your abilities after being knocked back by a projectile by 7% in solo and 15% when stacked.

With the help of this perk your specials can be used more often, and characters who strongly rely on these abilities will need Absorb 'n' Go to be truly effective.

Multiversus: Best Perks for Utility

Tasmanian Trigonometry

  • Unlock condition:
    • Taz: Mastery Level 7.
    • Reindog: Mastery Level 12.
    • Jake the Dog: Mastery Level 13.

Controlling your movement on knockbacks is absolutely essential when you are launched.

This is especially important for such characters like Taz, Jake the Dog, and Tom & Jerry.

Note that this perk becomes effective only once you adjust your angle during launch, which increases the knockback influence by 15% in solo and 25% when stacked.

Triple Jump

  • Unlock condition:
    • Steven Universe: Mastery Level 2.
    • Superman: Mastery Level 2.
    • Harley Quinn: Mastery Level 4.
    • Jake the Dog: Mastery Level 11.

Would you like to gain an extra jump while attacking in air? Well, here's your chance with Triple Jump.

This utility perk can be used on almost any character to a great effect except Iron Giant, as he's the only character in Multiversus who can't jump an extra time.


  • Unlock condition:
    • Bugs Bunny: Mastery Level 2.
    • Wonder Woman: Mastery Level 4.

This perk is similar to Absorb'n'Go, as it reduces cooldown times by 10% in solo and 15% when stacked, but instead of knockbacks, it happens when players use their reduced abilities.

For example, if your Batman character shoots a batarang projectile, then picks it up, you don't have to wait for this ability to cooldown with the help of Coffeezilla, and you can shoot again right away.

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Published Aug. 8th 2022

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