Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Firestone

Wondering how to stock up on Firestone in Monster Hunter Rise? Here's where you need to go.

Firestone is used in several weapon upgrades and a handful of Low and High-Rank armors in Monster Hunter Rise. Luckily, it isn't difficult to get considering its variety of uses. You'll need to get to the Lava Caverns area to find it. 

Firestone is used to craft a long list of weapons and can be a surprising and unwelcome addition to your farming list at a given time. If you do go out of your way to get it, be sure to pick up some extras so you do not have to get more later.

Notably, you'll need this material for the following High Rank armors:

  • Kamura Head Scarf S (1).
  • Uroktor Torso S (4).
  • Aknosom Greaves S (1).
  • Basarios Greaves S (2).

Where to Get Firestone in Monster Hunter Rise

You'll need to travel to the Lava Caverns to get your hands on some Firestone for your equipment crafting endeavors. You can get this material in both Low Rank and High Rank versions of the Lava Caverns map.

You can mine at either white or blue mining outcrops for a chance to receive Firestone, and there are plenty scattered about the Lava Caverns.

To look only at the available mining outcrops on the map, open your Detailed Map and switch to the Gathering tab to check out gathering node locations. If it's a bit too messy for your tastes, you can instead switch over to the Icon Selection List to look specifically for white and blue mining outcrop locations like so:

You can do this for any gatherable material; lock it in your memory banks for your later gathering needs.

That's that on Firestone. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is bringing a whole host of new materials to gather and murder for as you climb the ranks. Check out our other Monster Hunter Rise guides for tips relating to the base game and the Sunbreak expansion when it releases.

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Published Jun. 27th 2022

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