Mods That Will Actually Make No Man's Sky a Good Game

Disappointed or frustrated with your No Man's Sky experience? Here are a few mods that are already out that fix, smooth over, or remove some of the worst parts of the game so you can get back to exploring.

Let's face it -- No Man's Sky, while fun, impressive, and beautiful, is not exactly what we were expecting. It's feature-light, still kind of buggy, and seems to be missing about six months worth of QA. While this is kind of frustrating for those of us who have been anxiously anticipating the game for years, it's not the end of the world. Luckily for PC players, modders are already on the scene, helping to smooth over some of No Man's Sky's rough edges until official patches, updates, and fixes can come out. Here are some mods that will help you get to the game you want.

Instagram Filter Remover

The Instagram Filter Remover is a great mod that removes the old-timey tint that surrounds everything in No Man's Sky. This is sort of an aesthetic choice, and maybe people like the Instagram look, but you can't deny that it's a lot clearer without it. If you want to feel more like you're actually exploring space and less like you're viewing it through a old TV, then this is a great place to start. 

A similar mod is the Chromatic Aberration mod, which removes a lot of extraneous effects from the game. Again, it's personal preference, but some players have reported that in addition to making the game look cleaner, it has improved their framerate. 


Are you tired of your exosuitOS screaming at you about your protection or resource levels? Well, you're not alone. ShutUP is a mod that lets you completely eliminate all the warnings, updates, and general chatter from your suit that begins to drive you crazy after a few hours of exploring. It's fully configurable, so you can leave some warnings in if you want to, but it easily lets you shut your suit up so you can enjoy wandering the universe in peace.


Nothing fancy here, just a really excellent quality-of-life upgrade. Fast Actions removes the unnecessary time gating from all the little things you do in No Man's Sky. In addition to UI interactions and actions, this now works with item crafting and transferring stuff from your ship. It makes the game quicker and a lot less frustrating. This pairs well with Fast Intro Screen, which speeds up the startup sequence considerably. Less waiting, more fun!


Another small but much appreciated quality-of-life mod, NoHUD does exactly what it sounds like -- allows you to easily remove the HUD by pressing F5. This is great for taking screenshots, or for making your exploration experience a little bit more relaxing and less distracting. It works well when paired with ShutUP, so you can focus on wandering and enjoying the worlds you find. 

These are just the mods that are available in the first week! Once modders have more time to work and get more comfortable with the engine, we can no doubt expect some substantial content mods that will help flesh out and improve on the bones of a great game.

Do you have a mod you like that we missed? Have something else to say? Let us know in the comments, and happy exploring!


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Published Feb. 8th 2018

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