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Writer, freelancer, historian.


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    230 posts Venisia is a public relations professional, video game industry contractor, published author, freelance entertainment journalist, copy editor, a...
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    23 posts Matured Gamer. Mostly space sandbox games. Also, the owner of rather quiet Space Gaming Blog called
  • Unabridged Flytrap

    7 posts From Canada (Hence the unnecessary "U's" in words). I love to game and I am very opinionated, so I decided to combine those two things.
  • caneandbowler

    7 posts 28 years old, married recently started gaming on PC and trained as videography (Cert IV Digital Media Technologies). I have an interest in Retro...
  • John Harper

    6 posts John Harper's writing career began in his first year of school when he stood up in school assembly and read out his own rendition of the movie...
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    3 posts Michael Daze, Writer and blogger, Love to write about latest trends, Expert in writing about Tech, Travel, Music, and Different Gadgets.
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    2 posts Larry Felton Johnson is currently the World's Oldest Journalism Undergraduate. He retired from his previous career after far too many years as a...
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    2 posts Apple Search Ads Specialist
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