GOG Spring Sale Brings Back Game Collection Bundles

A large number of PC titles are now up to 85% off in the GOG 2020 Spring sale, which includes bundles from Ubisoft, Deep Silver, and more!

The 2020 spring game discounts are officially kicking off with Good Old Game's Spring sale. The deals will certainly give you something to play while waiting out the coronavirus. 

Besides the standard discounts to a wide variety of titles, this year's GOG Spring sale sees the long-awaited return of game collection bundles, as well as some freebie extras for anyone to grab at no cost.

Deep discounts are now available on major franchises like Heroes of Might & Magic, Dungeons & Dragons, King's Bounty, Dishonored, Shadowrun, The Witcher, Saint's Row, Warhammer, and Metro through March 30.

Individual game sales can be browsed here, or check out the bundles to finish off your collections:

The sale's freebies cover a wide array of properties. Right now, The Witcher Goodies Collection is up for grabs on the GOG front page. The Goodies Collection includes extras like art books, soundtracks, making-of videos, and more. Here's what's included:

What are you planning on picking up off your GOG wishlist? Sound off below, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news on more discounts.

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Published Mar. 17th 2020

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