Dune Spice Wars Landsraad Voting System Explained

Voting in the Landsraad is impactful in Dune Spice Wars, as it allows you to use votes to influence resolutions that pass.

The Landsraad voting system in Dune Spice Wars is one of the game's more complex systems. Through the Landsraad, you can vote on Resolutions that will affect the rest of the game. We'll explain the voting system in this guide, and how you can use it to your advantage in Dune Spice Wars.

How the Landsraad Works in Dune Spice Wars

The Landsraad will first open roughly five minutes into each match, and each round of the Landsraad will feature three different Resolutions that you can vote on.

When the council is set you'll get a notification letting you view the resolutions, and a message in the top right will tell you how many days until voting opens. Once voting opens you'll get another notification and can assign your votes however you choose. 

Your votes will work differently depending on which Resolutions are present, as some only apply to the elected factions while others will affect everyone.

For example, "Scientific Congress" boosts military production by 50% for all players if it's voted in favor, while "Controlled Markets" will give a 30% bonus to Spice exchange for whichever faction is elected. You can, of course, apply all of your votes to yourself or to another faction. 

When voting is open a box with arrows will appear underneath each Resolution. You can use the drop-down menu to pick which faction you want to vote for and the left and right arrows to add or subtract votes. Any Resolutions passed will stay in effect until the next Landsraad vote.

Now when voting, you can assign all the votes you have as well as any Influence you've accrued. We'll go over how to get more of both. 

How to Get More Votes and Influence

Votes represent your political power and general standing within the Landsraad. The more power you have within the Landsraad the more votes you'll have to use.

To get more votes you'll need to have Resolutions pass for your house, and take over villages owned by minor houses or other factions. At the start of the match, minor houses will control 400 votes, while factions will sit around 80-100. This means your best bet is to conquer villages as quickly as you can for increased voting power.

The other thing that plays a huge factor in voting is Influence, a resource that can be earned a few different ways. A higher Landsraad standing will give you a minor boost to voting Influence, but you can also bump it by using research, Agents, and Listening Posts. 

Listening Posts are the easiest to do as they can be constructed in any village and will generate +2 Influence per day. You can only have one per village but there's no cap on how many in general you can have. 

Certain research in the blue tree will help your Influence production, like "Political Stance," which gives you +1 Influence for each active treaty you have with another faction.

For additional income, in the Espionage menu, every agent you assign to the Landsraad category will generate +1 Influence per day. Finally, Influence can also be traded with other factions, so that's another way to gain a little if you're looking to double down on political power. 

And that's how the Landsraad voting system works. For even more help and tips, such as how to build the refinery or how to make more Spice, make sure to check out our Dune Spice Wars guides hub. 


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Published May. 6th 2022

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