Dune Spice Wars: How to Get & Farm Water

Here's how to get water in Dune Spice Wars, because you're going to need it.

How to get water is something you've got to figure out relatively quick in Dune Spice Wars. If you want to expand and conquer all of Arrakis, you'll need to be smart about how you go about obtaining water and other resources to stay afloat.

In this guide we are going to go over how to get water and how to farm it, so you do not fall to simple dehydration out in the desert.

How to Harvest Water in Dune Spice Wars

Each match you'll start out with just enough water to build a couple of military units and take over one village. Past that, however, you'll need to how to get water in high quantities, as it is required for taking over villages, training and upkeeping military units, and trading with Sietches. There are essentially three ways of earning water, with the first being through Windtraps. 

Use Windtraps to Get Water

Windtraps are Economy buildings that you can construct in any village, and they're unlocked from the very start. Once you've conquered a village simply click on it and hover over to the Economy tab of the menu. 

There is a trick, however, as the amount of water Windtraps create is dictated by the wind level of a region. When you click on a region you can see the name of that region in the lower left-hand corner, and underneath the name is a Wind Strength number.

For each level of Wind Strength, a Windtrap will produce +3 water, so it's a good idea to place it in the regions with the highest wind. You can place Windtraps anywhere, but placing it on a  region with a 5 or a 6 Wind Strength will eliminate the need to place more.

Use a Water Extractor to Get Water

The second building to get water is the Water Extractor, which can't be built until you've researched it from the green research tree, on the second tier. There's a huge catch with this building, however, as it can only be built on a polar region.

At the moment, there's generally only one polar region in the middle of the map, and building a Water Extractor there will grant you a tremendous +50 water. As a note, the Fremen are unable to build the Water Extractor

Trade to Get Water

The final way to get water is by simply trading for it with other factions. On the top right of the screen are three portraits of the other faction leaders, and clicking on one will bring up a trade menu.

Here you can select which resources you want to offer and what you want in return. An arrow in the middle shows how likely the trade is to succeed. Trading isn't a very reliable way to get water, but if you're in a pinch it's a quick way to get some. 

If you need any more help, make sure to check out our Dune Spice Wars guides hub


Published May. 3rd 2022

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