Breaking It Down with Jonny Cruz, the Voice of Overwatch's Lucio

We sit down with Jonny Cruz, voice of Overwatch's Lucio, to discuss his viral success, as well as his experience with Blizzard's hit first-person shooter.

This past weekend was the first ever HydraCon, a convention featuring nerd culture from video games to anime. Hydra Comic Con is an offshoot of the Bay Area's KrakenCon, both events celebrating the creative side of the nerd lifestyle.

I had an opportunity to sit down with Jonny Cruz and talk with him regarding his amazing work as Overwatch's Lucio, the game's laid back support DJ, and his life outside the studio.

Jonny Cruz's internet fame has only grown since 2016's Blizzcon, where he released a video of himself running into several members of the Overwatch cast and sharing jokes from the game. Since then, the Overwatch voice actors have been all over social media, from answering questions from fans to having an Overwatch anniversary dance off. The voice actors have become as recognizable as their charismatic characters.

It's no small wonder Overwatch captures the hearts of gamers around the world. As Cruz says himself, "The game itself was based on diversity and positivity." That same attitude has seemed to flow into the cast of the game, uniting talented actors from around the world in a game that has a huge following.

One of the most common things overheard in the lines to meet these actors were discussions of who "mained" what character, or who their favorites were. Almost everyone who plays the game connects with at least one character on some level. Just another testament to the excellent work these actors have done.

Be sure to check out Jonny Cruz's Twitter and YouTube channel to see more of his work, and comment about your Overwatch main below. I've always been a Mccree fan myself...


Joshua Potter (AmeNemA) is an avid video game player, having been hunting ducks and collecting coins since he was a toddler. Now he applies his years of knowledge to writing about the games he's come to love.

Published Jun. 23rd 2017

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