6 Minutes of Gameplay for Platinum Game's new JRPG: Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link

Six minutes of Granblue Fantasy gameplay have been posted on the official Cygames YouTube channel.

Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link, a title in development by Platinum Games, the studio behind such games as  NieR:Automata and the Bayonetta series, has six minutes of gameplay on the official Cygames channel on YouTube.

The video starts off by revealing a town with inhabitants living their everyday lives. The first thing that jumped out at me was the walking animation of the player character in-game, It looked incredibly natural and reminded me of the animations in NieR:Automata.

The clip then transitions to combat, which looks like what you would expect from one of the best action game developers out there, with fast attacks and dashes all over the screen as well as the same smooth animations as seen before in the town. The video then ends with an impressive combo attack from the whole party.

The Granblue Fantasy franchise is a very popular mobile series in Japan, and this new entry could definitely do well in the West with the JRPG and ARPG fans, especially since the game looks visually stunning and includes music I can definitely imagine becoming classic.

Granblue Fantasy Re:Link could also be a great way to introduce the West to the Granblue franchise, as I personally didn't know much about it until I saw this. No release date has been announced for the Japanese release, and there's no news of the game coming to the West just yet, but stick with GameSkinny for more information as it happens.


Published Feb. 1st 2018

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