Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2022: How to Get and Upgrade Candescent Armor

Learn how to make the perfect set of Candescent Armor in this guide to Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2022.

Candescent Armor is one of the two focal points of Destiny 2's Solstice of Heroes 2022, the other being the farms for a Something New Hand Cannon or Compass Rose Shotgun god roll. You'll be collecting Silver Leaves, Silver Ash, and spending Kindling on upgrading and re-rolling the event armor for that perfect stat distribution. While you can target which stat gets the most love, there's no way to account for the other five.

This guide will go over how to get and upgrade Candescent Armor so you can start grinding for the perfect set.

How to Get and Upgrade Candescent Armor in Solstice of Heroes 2022

Acquiring your first set of Candescent Armor is easy. Just go to the Tower, and speak to Eva Levante, the Solstice event vendor. She'll give you a full set of the gear. Your next task is to start the upgrade process by unlocking Event Card Challenges, then beginning to collect Kindling and Silver Ash. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Bonfire Bash

Head into the EAZ, and complete a Bonfire Bash activity, then return to Eva. This will unlock your first Solstice Event Challenge. Claim it to reveal the remaining 23 and receive your first unit of Kindling.

Step 2: Apply Kindling

Head into the menu for any piece of Candescent armor and hover over the fifth mod slot. This is your Kindling slot. You'll need six total Kindling to fully upgrade the armor piece, all coming from Event Card Challenges.

Spend one unit for Small Kindling, two for Large Kindling, and three for Fully Rekindled. Once a particular piece of Candescent Armor is Fully Rekindled, you don't need to do so again for that character. The armor piece will have a white glow.

Step 3: Apply Silver Ash to Imbue Embers

Once you apply a level of Kindling to your armor, you can start applying Silver Ash to it. You get Silver Ash from burning Silver Leaves in Bonfire Bash, and at first, you'll only be able to use it once in a pile of 20.

If your armor is Fully Rekindled, which takes six Kindling total, you can apply Silver Ash three times, totaling 100 units of the material. After spending 100 Silver Ash, you'll be able to, granting you the ability to reroll the armor's stats once with a focus on the stat of your choice.

Step 4: Reroll and Repeat

With Shining Embers applied to your armor, you can spend a final 60 Silver Ash to apply Sparks, re-roll the armor stats, and get a guaranteed +20 to the stat of your choice. Unequip your Ghost mods, as these interfere with the re-roll. Season of the Haunted is about the Resilience stat, so focus on that first.

Once you've re-rolled the armor, all upgrade nodes will disappear, and you'll need to return to Eva to purchase another piece. The process of applying Silver Ash and re-rolling then repeats infinitely until you have a stat spread you like.

Upgrading and re-rolling Candescent Armor might be a little tedious, but it's the easiest and most consistent way to get the stats you want on your armor right now. For info on how to get the Silver Leaves you'll need, check out our guide on the subject. Our Destiny 2 guides hub also has much more on Season of the Haunted.


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Published Jul. 20th 2022

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