ARK Fjordur: Where to Find All Obelisk Locations

Here are the exact coordinates of all Obelisk locations in ARK: Fjordur, as well as crafting recipes and server transfer procedures for when you get there.

There are three Obelisk types of Obelisks in the ARK: Fjordur DLC: Blue Green, and Red. These tower-like structures can be seen from a distance, and are typically used for summoning bosses. But there are a few other important features that they possess, and if you're here, you're wondering where to find them. This guide will show you all Obelisk locations in ARK: Fjordur.

All Obelisk Locations

The three Obelisks spread across the Fjordur map, indicated by their corresponding colors at the following coordinates:

  • Blue Obelisk: 74.40 - 07.90.
  • Green Obelisk: 17.70 - 80.70.
  • Red Obelisk: 79.30 - 96.30.

Aside from summoning bosses, each of the three Obelisks can also be used for crafting and server data transfers.

Crafting with Obelisks

You can craft two special stations at each of the Obelisks:

  • Cryopod.
  • Tek Replicator.

Cryopod crafting recipe:

  • 10 Crystal / Prime Crystal.
  • 15 Fiber.
  • 5 Hide.
  • 2 Metal Ingot / Scarp Metal Ingot.
  • 4 Oil.
  • 8 Polymer / Organic Polymer / Corrupted Nodule.

Tek Replicator crafting recipe:

  • 100 Element.
  • 5,000 Metal Ingot / Scarp Metal Ingot.
  • 600 Crystal / Prime Crystal.
  • 150 Black Pearl.
  • 800 Polymer / Organic Polymer / Corrupted Nodule.

Using Obelisks for Server Data Transfer

One of the most important and useful Obelisk features is the ability to transfer player data, such as characters, items, and mounts across different servers.

Here's how to transfer your data from one server to another:

  1. Approach the console under one of the three Obelisks.
  2. Activate the console by pressing "E" key on PC, "Y" on Xbox, or "Triangle" on PlayStation.
  3. Select "Transmit ARK Data" option from the menu.
  4. Press "Upload" to upload your data.

Do that, and you can go to a different server and select "Download" from the character creation menu to use your previously uploaded character data.

This only works for servers of the same type, so you will not be able to transfer data between PvE and PvP servers. The type of the servers has to be the same for this to work properly.

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Published Jul. 11th 2022

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